Much Needed Relaxation Time in Hawaii

I have always told my wife that just as soon as I got the promotion that we had both been working so hard for, I was going to take her on a vacation of a lifetime. We had been on other vacations over the years, but they were all quick and close to home because business had to take priority then. When I finally got the promotion along with a lucrative raise and bonus, I did a search for name of Hawaii Big Island. Neither of us had ever been to Hawaii, but I knew that was her dream destination.

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Cheap Prague Hotels in Heritage City

One can find many cheap Prague hotels in the city which has a beautiful heritage to follow. Here is a detailed overview. It is the biggest city of Czech republic with several hotels. It is also the most beautiful city with many architectural delights. There are a lot of new buildings here inter mixed with the old. The roots of this city go back to as early as the twelfth century. During this period, there was a spate of architectural development including community centers, historic monuments and bridges. The city has been listed among the world heritage sites by UNESCO.Since then, its popularity has increased day by day affecting its thriving tourism industry. The nonstop gush of tourist crowd is proving to be a boon to the city hotels.

Tourism Industry and lodging

The tourism industry has a daunting job ahead of it in keeping track of the profits incurred by the lodging. Though it means a lot of work, regular reservations provide a steady income for all Private and multinational hotels whether they be cheap Prague hotels or Prague luxury hotels. With the extra income generated by them, they can offer better facilities to their clients.

The services provided by some of the diplomat Prague hotels are exclusive amusement games, leisure activities, discos, etc.There are several other amenities like en suite bathrooms, deluxe rooms, super deluxe, etc. From reasonably priced cheap hotels to luxury hotels, the choice is unlimited. There are many hotels which have up to four bedroom accommodations, studios or suites. You just have to mention how many people are accompanying you and for how long will you be staying.

Plenty of these hotels are timeshare holiday resorts. Their rates vary according to the size of their accommodation. So make proper inquiries before booking a particular holiday package. If you book in advance, then negotiating is also possible. You never know, it might be your lucky day to get a heavy discount. You may get to stay in a diplomat hotel in the same price as one of the cheap Prague hotels.

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Day Trips to Take From Prague Hotels

If you’ve stayed in Prague before and on this visit you’re looking to get out of the medieval city and visit some of its surrounding areas, then these scenic day-trips are likely to be just what you’re looking for. None of the journeys should take longer than three hours, which means that you should be back at your Prague hotels by nightfall:

Karlovy Vary
The best spa experience in the Czech Republic is located just 2.5 hours outside the city centre and is best reached by express bus from Florenc bus station. The town has been known for its healing waters since the 14th century, when it was first discovered by Charles IV. Some patients even visit the town on referral by their GP for the medical treatments that involve consumption of the water. However, there are also treatments designed purely for relaxation from spa massages to light and heat therapy, which along with beauty treatments must be booked in advance. After such a relaxing day you’ll fall asleep as soon as your head touches the pillow back at your Prague hotels.

Plznen Brewery Museum
If the cheap beer was one of the main drawing factors of a holiday in the Czech Republic, then you simply must take a day trip to the town of Plznen. Not only is the beer much cheaper outside of the city centre, but the town is also the home of Pilsner beer. In the 15th Century malt-house, visitors can trace beer’s history from Mesopotamia to current day brews. Once you’ve explored the museum you’ll want to visit the factory where you can watch a short film on beer production, and visit a cooper’s workshop; of course, there’s also plenty of tasting opportunities during the tour. If after the tour you haven’t yet had your fill of beer then you must visit Na Parkene Pub before you catch the train back. This pub serves up unfiltered beer that was the mainstay of beer drinkers a century ago.

Kutna Hora
If you want to buy a special souvenir from the Czech Republic, then forget searching the gift shops around your Prague hotels. Instead book a trip to the 15th century silver-mining town of Kutna Hora, where the Royal Mint was established. The town is also known for its ossuary or bone church, with an entire interior decorated from human bones salvaged from the 30 years’ war. The Royal Mint and stunning gothic cathedral of St. Barnabas are two other attractions worth visiting, while the Royal Mint Museum paints a detailed picture of Kutna Hora’s past.

Just thirty minutes from the centre of Prague, Konopiste was the former home of Franz Ferdinand whose assassination in Sarajevo sparked the start of WWI. His historic home is now more commonly known for the 300,000 hunting trophies that line the walls and the opulent d├ęcor. History buffs will want to visit the museum that features the bullet that killed the Archduke alongside various pieces of paraphernalia. More recently, the film “The Illusionist” was shot in the castle grounds and guests may recognise some locations from the movie.