Top Spots Near the Hotels in Prague and the Best Hotel Locations

Hotels in Prague have all sorts of solution to nightlife whether you want to enjoy the Prague life by drinking and sitting down. You can also drink and dance away the nightlife because this Eastern European city has all options for the nightlife and the ‘night runners’.

Due to the need of keeping you posted and updated on the kind of hot spots in the hotels in Prague, the following are hot spots that if you are interested you can take your time and visit because you will never regret taking your time to engage in the 3 D which is drink, dine and dance the Prague nightlife away.

The number one hot spot according to me is the Lucerna which is a big indoor mall near Wenceslas square with some great options for nightlife. When you want to dance the nightlife away all you need to do is get to the basement where you should not miss out on the 80’s nights, PoPo café Petl which is a bar on the street level of the Lucerna. This hot spot is very popular with the locals hence if you are looking for a night mingling place with locals now you know where you should be.

The Karlovy Lazne is another huge 5 storey disco night that is just next to the Charles Bridge, here you will dance to the local tunes, international and the DJ are of high caliber playing what you need to hear most. The U Fleku is another of the bona fide Czech pub tucked away in New town. If you need the Czech beer, women and men you will always meet them here with full gusto enjoy the greatest Czech beer here. Those are just some of the hot spots in Hotels in Prague.

Do not even worry about the best locations of hotels in Prague, reason being that whatever location you will have within the city, you will have the maximum pleasure and relaxation that brought you to this Eastern Europe nation’s capital. Many people have stayed in many different hotels each time they are in the city but when you ask them the experience, they will tell you that the accommodation and hotel services are also most identical. This tells you that each Prague hotel and location tries as much as possible to make sure that every guest who comes in the hotels gets a befitting welcome and services.

With as little as $100 you can get big time entertainment and a delightful night. Imagine the big clean, with efficient space for other functions and an interior décor that will leave you salivating and wishing that it was in your home. When you wake up in the morning you are greeted with a perfect breakfast made of continental cuisines of you like that you ordered for before you slept.

When you are in the best locations of hotels in Prague, you will be amazed at the love that the Czech people show outsiders, everyone is happy that they are serving you until at some point you feel like a king and flattered. If you are open minded a little bit you can just be lucky to learn a few Czech words such as (dobry den) which translates to good day in English. You can use that from now to make sure that you surprise the attendants that are attending to you so that you do not look like you are very strange.