How to Find the Best Hotel in Prague

Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is therefore important that you choose your Prague hotel well so that you can enjoy and soak in the ambiance of this incredibly city.

What Does The City Offer You?

This city is a tourist’s delight. From outstanding architecture to museums and art galleries, historical monuments and of course soothing music and delicious cuisine, the city has it all. Castles, churches and cathedrals, monasteries, and the town square; each of them a ‘must see’.

One of the most popular sites on the sightseeing map of the city is the “Orloj”. This is an amazing clockwork on the town hall’s south tower. Apart from a rooster that crows, and moving figures, it also shows the position of the moon, sun and the constellations in the Zodiac.

How Do You Choose Your Hotel?

If you are a tourist in Prague, then you must choose your hotel in such a way that you can see most of these beautiful sites with ease. Prague has hotels that cater to every type of visitor, be it a business traveler or somebody on a holiday. For the tourist, there are hotels catering to all types of travelers, those seeking budget accommodations to those who wish to live in the lap of luxury.

You can find Prague hotels with traditional architecture as well as those with completely modern facades. There are hotels built in former palaces and hotels in 16th century buildings. If you are looking at an extended stay, you can even rent an apartment. Quality of accommodation available in hotels in the city are at par with the best in Europe.

What Is The Cuisine Like?

Restaurants in the city offer all types of cuisines. From fast food to Japanese sushi, you can get anything. There are of course many restaurants that offer authentic Czech cuisine. The country’s cuisine is similar to the countries surrounding it. Meat, particularly pork, beef and chicken are the most popular. Roast pork with Knedliky (boiled sliced dumplings) is a popular local dish. Fruit dumplings and kolache, a type of yeast pastry with various fillings, are common local sweets.

How Do You Book Your Prague Hotel?

Details of various hotels, the type of accommodation offered, location, rates and availability can be got from various online hotel sites. Some such sites also have special offers that can get you a room at discounted rates. You need to first shortlist the kind of hotel you are looking for in terms of budget. These are typically categorized in terms of a star rating. The site will then display a shortlist of Prague hotels for you.

There are also sites that have a comprehensive listing of restaurants in Prague. You can choose by price range or by cuisine. It is unlikely that you will find any world cuisine missing from the city restaurants. Whether it is Cuban, Indian, French or Italian cuisine you desire, you will certainly have many options to choose from.