Much Needed Relaxation Time in Hawaii

I have always told my wife that just as soon as I got the promotion that we had both been working so hard for, I was going to take her on a vacation of a lifetime. We had been on other vacations over the years, but they were all quick and close to home because business had to take priority then. When I finally got the promotion along with a lucrative raise and bonus, I did a search for name of Hawaii Big Island. Neither of us had ever been to Hawaii, but I knew that was her dream destination.

I wanted to finally make that a reality. While it is true that I am the one who put in the 60 hour work weeks and extensive business trips, I knew that it was just as hard on her as I was not home a lot during those first several years. That left the brunt of providing a stable home to our three children on her shoulders, and I love that she has done such an amazing job with the kids and our home. This trip is to tell her thank you, I love you, and we did it, all wrapped together in a nice shiny bow and a lei.

There was no doubt that the kids were going to be included on our plans, because they are our world. Everything both of us have done is to provide a solid foundation for them, and we both knew that they would love Hawaii. The rental we got had five bedrooms and even more bathrooms. The view was stunning, and the activities available made us wish we were staying a month instead of a week. We got some much needed relaxation time in though, and our family is stronger than ever because of it.